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Design novelties are here

Timberwise twise 10089_netti

Timberwise launched its Design novelties last week in Habitare Exhibition in Helsinki. Design novelties are the result from our co-operation with Finnish top designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. Design novelties includes design floor, wall and furniture concepts. 

Habitare exhibition visitors were the first ones to explore Timberwise design novelties which are designed by famous Finnish designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. The novelties include design floor concept from Harri Koskinen and design wall concept from Ville Kokkonen. Both gentlemen also designed furniture to be made from our parquet into our new Twise Collection. Twise Collection also includes Timberwise in-house designed products, for example Twise dining table. All the novelties are produced from 1-strip parquet. Our unique marine birch plywood structure enables this.

All the launched products are excellent examples of our unique birch plywood structure’s advantages, and showing that our products can be turned into many other things than just floor! These new concepts allow us to maximize the use of our raw material and possible leftovers from the installations. The product development is continuous and the product range will grow in the near future. Currently the product range includes design bench and chairs, dining table, sofa table, etc.

The design novelties are introduced in our Timberwise Design Projects web page (in Finnish currently) www.timberwisedesignprojects.fi/ and you may make inquiries on the products by contacting us through info@timberwise.fi.